Тест для определения уровня

Вопрос 1/30

- The police ___ interviewing all the people.

Вопрос 2/30

I want to buy ... laptop computer next week.

Вопрос 3/30

Can you please go to ... grocery store on Fifth Street and buy 2 cartons of milk?

Вопрос 4/30

We saw three ___ in the attic.

Вопрос 5/30

- Can you give me a hand with my ___?

Вопрос 6/30

This is your room. That's __.

Вопрос 7/30

John's leaving the company. __ is his last week.

Вопрос 8/30

There aren't _____ oranges on the table.

Вопрос 9/30

All my friends are ill ... is healthy.

Вопрос 10/30

My sister ... to the cinema very often

Вопрос 11/30

Why ... sunglasses? It's cloudy today.

Вопрос 12/30

Bill ... really hard at the moment because his company has just received a big order from China.

Вопрос 13/30

Some student are waiting in _______ the classroom.

Вопрос 14/30

The children are playing _______ the garden.

Вопрос 15/30

I _____ sky diving.

Вопрос 16/30

_______ a grizzly bear?

Вопрос 17/30

I ___________________ TV when I ____________ a loud noise.

Вопрос 18/30

What is wrong with this sentence? "She was cleaning the garage while she saw a spider”.

Вопрос 19/30

- What are your plans for next week?
- I ______ to fly to New York on business.
Probably on Tuesday but I haven't bought my ticket yet.

Вопрос 20/30

It's wet and windy outside today. You ________ go out without an umbrella.

Вопрос 21/30

I think that sign means we ________ enter the building. Look, there's a security guard too.

Вопрос 22/30

If it rains, you _______ wet.

Вопрос 23/30

She would go to the Job Centre if she ______ a job.

Вопрос 24/30

- He avoided ____ them to do it because he wanted to get home early.

Вопрос 25/30

Children ________eat a lot of candy often get bad teeth.

Вопрос 26/30

Thank you for returning my call so __________ .

Вопрос 27/30

A: ... the party? B: Yes, very much, thank you.

Вопрос 28/30

How long ... your best friend?

Вопрос 29/30

A: I lived in Milan when I was younger. B: Really? How long ... there?

Вопрос 30/30

She sounded very _________ on the phone.

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